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Enhancing Odds Of Endorsement at a Presentation Pathology Graduate School

"The Judge" starring Robert Duvall and Robert Jr and focused by David Dobkin has become currently playing in theaters. Jeremy Solid, Robert Downey Jr, and as Glen Palmer and Dale. Photograph courtesy of Warner Bros. Photos, used … [Read more...]

Curricula in every topic for your grader that is 3rd

See all 4 pictures Source: Old Folks Boogie Aging Gracefully Having close relationships has turned into a challenge, if you should be similar to seniors. As numerous of you might have previously experienced, coupling within your … [Read more...]

What’s it worth?


I had the chance to spend an hour with three incredibly talented and smart real estate agent friends of mine about pricing. My biggest takeaway (and consistent theme) from this talk was the importance of local knowledge combined … [Read more...]

This day in realtor tweets 9/12/13


You guys didn't think I forgot about you out there, did you? Like any good realtor I've just been a little bit busy looking at dozens of houses people are never going to buy. And trolling on Facebook. It takes a lot out of you ok? … [Read more...]

This day in realtor tweets 8/19/13

Wynn Law

Man, I love twitter. I decided to check out what people were tweeting about realtors this evening and I collected a few of the best for some analysis. Waiting on this realtor... — Ms.Amerika (@Always_Royalty) August 19, … [Read more...]

Fort Worth market update. Radio interview with Greg


I recently had the chance to chat with Shannon Register of Houston Real Estate Radio as she made rounds through Texas getting updates from agents in major metropolitan areas. I really appreciated the opportunity to talk to her … [Read more...]

I double dog dare you to sell your Near Southside Fort Worth home


Unless you've been hiding in a cave (or your historic bungalow) it shouldn't be big news to you that the Fort Worth real estate market is on fire, much like the rest of the country. The Star-Telgram is writing about it, The Dallas … [Read more...]

Water Gardens

Fort Worth Water Gardens

A secluded recreational area downtown, the Fort Worth Water Gardens is a welcome oasis to the concrete jungle of Fort Worth. Downtown is best known for its dining and entertainment venues, but the water gardens is the perfect … [Read more...]