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The dogs of summer

Duke and Dante
Duke and Dante. Our clients.

Out of the dog house

Selling a home is never easy. Sentimental attachments, financial considerations, and logistical and market constraints all dictate what selling a home might look and feel like in the end.

Selling a dog’s home is even more difficult. Dogs grow attached to their homes more than we will ever know (or give them credit for). They know the perfect cozy corners, the best window perch to watch the neighborhood go by, and the “secret” places where we keep their treats.

They serve as the official welcoming crew every time we come home – with tails wagging, tongues hanging out, and an undeniable need for our attention.

Mans best friend

Most dogs would do anything for their owners. Save them from a burning building, keep them warm in the coldest of conditions, even let us dress them up in silly costumes. Dogs are incredible superheroes, but they have one major hangup: they just absolutely refuse to let us sell their homes.

Molly and Max
Molly and Max. Our other clients.

Teaching old dogs new tricks

Dogs are territorial which makes it difficult to prepare them for the strangers that will traipse through their home when it goes up for sale. If we had a choice though, we would love for them to be the tour guide and ambassador for the home, because they really know it best.

Imagine this: {insert your dog’s name here} sitting nicely at the front door when a prospective buyer and their agent show up to tour the home. He would gently guide them through the house making sure to turn on every light, open every closet, and highlight all of the recent upgrades. And he would conveniently have a brand new tennis ball to show off the size of the yard by playing a quick game of fetch with the visitors. Then, after seeing everything the house had to offer, he would escort the guests to the front door and give everyone a nice solid handshake goodbye. Sounds ideal, right?

Fat chance!

Dogs are big bursts of energy and excitement – they bark at every unfamiliar noise, sniff visitors’ most private of areas, and chew on every unsuspecting item left unattended. We treat dogs as members of our families (because they are) – though prospective buyers visiting your home just won’t feel the same way about them. They want to imagine starting their own life here, so expecting them to accept everything that comes with yours can be difficult.

We recently marketed several homes for sale and helped our sellers make special plans for their furry friends so that we could best present the home to buyers and agents. I wouldn’t say we tricked the dogs so much as sent them on a nice vacation.

Roxy and Pekk
Roxy and Pekk. Mascot and client.

The details

Duke and Dante went on a weeklong trip to a Texas ranch. They had a blast and their home went under contract in just 6 days and had 30 dog-free showings. They’re moving to a bigger house now with a delightful backyard.

Molly and Max got a room at a luxury pet resort for a long weekend (coincidentally they actually only needed to be away for one day since their home received an offer the morning it hit the MLS). They’re finally realizing their dream and moving to a house with a pool.

Pekk received the royal treatment and got to spend a day with our mascot, Roxy. They chased eachother around the yard for a few hours while several people toured her home. She’s still holding out for the perfect buyer so she can finally move into a hip urban loft apartment.

Dogs best friend

Dogs give us so much love, attention, and protection. But unless you own Lassie, they will never give us a professional tour of the home when it’s up for sale.

So when getting ready to sell, consider being your dog’s best friend – and just send them on vacation. They are amongst many that will love you for it.

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