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This day in realtor tweets 8/19/13

Man, I love twitter. I decided to check out what people were tweeting about realtors this evening and I collected a few of the best for some analysis.

Aren’t we always? I totally empathize with this tweet. The other day I was trying to to make it on time to a showing but I totally got distracted by Facebook. I mean, don’t get me wrong – it was important and I’m sure it was annoying waiting on me at the house – but sometimes you just have to get the last comment in a thread. Sorry.

Look this is totally uncool. Why are these kids cutting up signs? These things cost serious coinage kids. If you really want to reek havoc on the neighborhood smash some pumpkins or toilet paper a house. Why are you torturing realtors? We’re just trying to give you a cool new neighbor to play with.

I don’t know how to finish the story here. Did the shower get fixed? And who is this mysterious attractive dude that just happens to work for a realtor like some Justin Bieber handyman? I think there is more to this story than meets the eye.

Fo shizzle.

I have to say B, your realtor sounds awesome. Sometimes we get criticized for not knowing a lot about fashion or hairstyles or whatever but trust me – any realtor worth their salt knows about the local bars. Sounds like this Brittney girl does too. Score!

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