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This day in realtor tweets 9/12/13

You guys didn’t think I forgot about you out there, did you? Like any good realtor I’ve just been a little bit busy looking at dozens of houses people are never going to buy. And trolling on Facebook. It takes a lot out of you ok? Without any further adieu, I present my next installment of realtor tweets.

Abby it sounds like your realtor has some serious discipline. She (he?) has clearly demonstrated how important it is for the house to look good for showings. This is telling of a true professional. You should be happy. And maybe honest with yourself. Realtors take the blame for a lot of things, but I have a suspicion that you simply hate keeping your room clean…period. I mean –  I do too.

I can’t help but think you are totally missing the point here Frank. You OWN a haunted house dude! How cool. First of all you can charge people to visit your house. Can you say “income property”?!  Scott McGillivray would be super jealous. I would love to list the house when you move. Think about the amazing listing description. And ghosts don’t show up in photos anyway – so you’re totally good there. Sounds cool to me, maybe you should rethink your entire strategy here.

Oh Ifcstuff (cool name by the way) we are only talking about $900 here. Come on now. This is approximately $125,000 of purchasing power over a 30 year note. $125,000 dude. Sure, 125k could get you a brand new Maserati. But you can’t sleep or go to the bathroom in a Maserati (or can you?). And besides you keep complaining about how the houses you’ve seen aren’t “updated enough”. Don’t you want those granite countertops? A big backyard? O yea – stainless appliances. You really need a 3 car garage, I can tell. I thought you wanted to be in that really good school district too? Truth is, you’ve been aiming low this whole time. I think we’re going to need to up your budget to get something your wife would be really happy with. You free to look tomorrow?

This tweet is sure to get the realtor community riled up Mehnaz. But I think I’m going to have to take a stand on this one. Realtors already risk sounding like pompous jerks when they tell you what your house is worth, ask for your credit score and tell you to clean your room. Now they want to tell you how to pronounce a word too? I don’t care how my clients say it. O, and uh, by the way, were you uh, looking to buy or sell anytime soon? I’d love to be your real-a-ter, realtuh or realtour.

Just going to leave that one up there.

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Greg is the principal owner of Fischer Real Estate Services, an MBA student at TCU and proud six year active-duty veteran and current member of the Naval Reserves. Greg is passionate about bringing clarity, delight, and authenticity to the real estate industry.
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  • Rosemary

    These are often the highlight of my crazy real-a-tur days 🙂

    • Greg Fischer

      Thanks @disqus_sCvqQCtLo2:disqus. Glad you laughed. ^ That’s how we say it in TX too!